Replace iPhone 5 Broken Screen to Increase its Resale Value

Replacing the iPhone 5 broken screen can increase its resale price and make it sell faster. If you accidentally dropped your iPhone 5, it most probably has a broken screen. This does not necessarily mean that you have to purchase a new iPhone. You can as well continue using your iPhone 5 with its broken screen if it is not completely shuttered. However, if the screen of your iPhone 5 is broken extensively, it is important to replace it. You can replace the broken screen to continue using your iPhone 5 or to increase its resale value if you intend to sell it. Our experts explore the options that you have when it comes to replacing a broken iPhone 5 screen.

How long can you ignore the broken screen?

The duration for which you can ignore a broken screen of an iPhone 5 is largely dependent on the extent of the damage. If your iPhone 5 can operate with the broken screen, you can continue using it. However, the fact about a broken iPhone 5 screen is that delaying repair is simply delaying something inevitable. It also means that you are opening up a possibility for extensive damage and costly repairs. This is because if the screen of your iPhone 5 is broken, it makes your iPhone less resistant to water. It also makes your iPhone more susceptible to additional damage in case it drops again. Thus, using your iPhone 5 with a broken screen for a long time before you replace it is exposing it to more severe damage of the internal components. Therefore, although you can ignore a broken iPhone 5 screen, know that it is not one of the best options.

DIY screen replacement

If you are cash-strapped and ready to take risk, you can try to replace the broken screen of your iPhone 5 yourself. There are many online guides that you can follow to replace the broken screen. With this option, you just need to buy an iPhone 5 replacement screen online then get a guide on how to replace a broken iPhone 5 screen. The pricing of a replacement screen for iPhone 5 varies depending on where you buy it. However, make sure that you invest in a quality replacement screen and follow a guide that you are sure that it will work. This is because if you do not use a guide that works, you are likely to damage your iPhone 5 further.

Paid option

If you do not want to take the risk of replacing the broken iPhone 5 screen yourself, you can hire an expert to replace it for you. This is among the best options especially if you hire an experienced provider of iPhone repair services. It might cost you more than DIY screen replacement but it can yield better results. However, you must choose a professional and experienced iPhone repairer to get a quality service. If your iPhone is covered by your business or household insurance, you can even lower the cost of replacing the broken screen.

Basically, these are the options that you have when it comes to replacing iPhone 5 broken screen. Regardless of the options that you choose, replacing a broken iPhone 5 screen will increase its resale value.